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Treating Customers Fairly

Our Principles

These principles have been designed to ensure that we behave appropriately and support ethical and responsible lending for the consumer. They are to ensure that we are customer focused and act in line with our regulators expectations.

These principles apply to all of us at 1st Stop, at all times.

The Directors and Staff at 1st Stop are fully committed to the Treating Customers Fairly regulations overseen by the FCA known as PRIN.


  • Are committed to providing a high quality service by working with our customers to meet their individual needs
  • Are committed to promoting ethical and responsible lending to the consumer across our product range
  • Will ensure that the service and products we provide are fair and appropriate to their circumstances
  • Will always be diligent and work with our customers to understand their individual financial situations and needs
  • Will ensure that our products are in the best interest of the customer
  • Will ensure that our products and services comply with all regulatory requirements
  • Will remain open with our regulators
  • Will ensure that we provide clear and fair information which is not misleading to all our customers
  • Will ensure that all our marketing products and services are clear, fair and not misleading. They will contain information which is honest, helpful and accurate
  • Will act in our customers best interests if they fall into financial difficulties
  • Will assist all customers that can show evidenced hardship